This 1.5 hour workshop will use a style of yoga which not only stretches muscles used in your running program but also addresses the deeper tissues of the body to create a more complete release 

This workshop will give you an awareness of breath & allow you to focus on how you feel in each moment of your training to help MOVE you forward during stressful moments

October 19, 2019 – 12:30 – 2pm

Cost – 20$ +HST

Bring a friend and it’s only 15$ +HST

Space is Limited – Call 902-832-6699 to register

Taught by our Yoga Instructor Joy Lo:

Joy’s passion for yoga began around 2008. Being fit has always been an important part of her life, but while training for a 10km run, she tripped and badly sprained her ankle. Since she had taken Yoga Classes in the past, she decided to go back to stay in shape during the healing process. There she met a teacher who taught yoga in a way that spoke to her.

Over time her practice depend and she enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training program, completing it in 2014. Although her intention was never really to teach, Joy started doing outreach through the Laing House and then the IWK Choices group, with a focus on helping teens with addiction.

Now, teaching is Joy’s way of sharing her love of Yoga, guiding others to develop their own practice and passion. She brings a playful and interactive approach to her practice that speaks to people of all ages and abilities. She has developed a love for the Yin style of Yoga for the balance and energy it provides. It is a more mindful practice that allows clients to pay attention to each pose, prevent injury and over time increase joint mobility and muscle stability.

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