Maritime Mala Making Workshop

Mala is a sacred string of beads. The word ‘mala’ comes from a sanskrit term meaning meditation garland. People use mala beads all over the world, in many different religions and lifestyles. They’re often used for japa meditation but can also be used as energetic touchstones. Malas help us in staying mindful and grounded in the present moment.

In this three hour workshop we’ll explore the therapeutic energy of mala making by creating original pieces. Inspired by tradition, you’ll be guided through the process, the principals behind each stone and how to use your mala to recite affirmations or mantras. As you create, you’ll have the opportunity to infuse your mala with the power of your intention! A variety of materials including wood, seeds and or gemstones will be available. All materials are provided.

What can you expect?

‣ look within and set an intention. create a mala to wear as a reminder of your intention

‣ discuss malas and how they are used in meditation and in everyday life

‣ explore the history of the malas and the significance of the beads

‣ learn about gemstones and the different healing qualities of each

‣ choose from different stones and beads to create a one of a kind mala that speaks to where you are in your life

‣ no experience necessary

Investment is $90, with a percentage donated back to adsum house. You can secure your spot ONLY by emailing

MOVE Physiotherapy Gym

1181 Larry Uteck Blvd